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Midwife Aisha Ralph

You know those “About Me” intros that talk about deep spiritual callings where the person knew from 2 days old what their life’s calling was and, here they are now, living their best life? Well, this isn’t one of them. My journey to midwifery was long and winding with twists and side paths that lead to dead ends and a few hard knocks along the way. It spanned over 10 years and it was somewhere along that journey that the “a-ha” understanding that my path IS midwifery came to me. Because of that, I’m eternally grateful and humbled every time a woman invites me to support her journey to motherhood.

Hi, I'm Aisha, a traditional midwife, trained in the ancient art of being “with woman” throughout her childbearing year. Born and raised in Antigua & Barbuda, in the Caribbean, I’ve assisted the birth process of over 130 women of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities all over the world, including Bermuda, the U.S.A, and Uganda, and I've worked with and trained under midwives whose combined experience total over 100 years!

Birth is sacred! I truly believe every birth brings a lesson, a new and unique way of life emerging, and an affirmation of the inherent power and strength of mother and child as they work together on their birthing day. 

My philosophy is simple: as a midwife, I've got skilled hands, that have been trained to support birth in challenging and complex circumstances.... and I know how to sit on them! I trust birth as a natural, physiological event that works just fine most of the time, especially if mom and baby are supported in their work. So in my approach to midwifery I center THEM and I understand that my role is to support the unfolding of their process. If, and only IF, it's necessary to intervene, will I do so, with these skilled hands and a respectful heart.

I'd love to connect with you to discuss your journey to motherhood and how I may support you on that journey. Contact me today for a free consultation.

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