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Home Birth Midwifery Care

Prenatal visits:

From conception to 28 weeks: monthly

From 28- 36 weeks: every 2 weeks

From 36 weeks to birth: weekly

Home assessment & preparedness visit

Mother-focused care

Labor and birth attendance with birth assistant


Immediate postpartum care after birth

Postpartum checks for mom and baby up to 6 - 8 weeks postpartum


Monitrice Care

Planning a hospital birth?

Want attentive, mother-focused care with a licensed maternity care practitioner during your pregnancy and postpartum?

We offer comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care to help you have the most healthy and positive pregnancy experience possible, regardless of where you choose to deliver your baby.

We also provide monitrice services during labor before you go to the hospital.


Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Education

Personalized sessions from the comfort of your home!

Our education sessions can be one-on-one or with your chosen support team (up to 5 people).

We help prepare you and your team for a healthy pregnancy, labor, birth and 4th trimester (postpartum) from a holistic perspective. These sessions include tips on maintaining balanced health during pregnancy and postpartum, birth plan preparation, comfort measures for labor, and what to expect when birthing at the hospital, birthing center, or at home.

Our education sessions are an integral part of your maternity care no matter where or with whom you chose to birth!


Birth Companion Services

A birth companion is an invaluable member of your birth team. At Taweret Midwifery we belong to a network of birth companions (aka "doulas") and organizations and would be happy to connect you with a birth companion to support your birth and postpartum process.

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